American Athletes Get Bad Rep

Made not in America.
A lot of American athletes are getting the rep that they feel they are entitled and selfish. This article specifically discusses basketball but ti can be seen on all sports. I have seen it in volleyball. Mainly at the D1 level. I can think of a specific person who played for USC. It is through all levels of all sports. Sometimes I think it can be big fish in small pond syndrome and people juts don’t realize that until they explore further options. This is a generalization and i Know there are exceptions just like mentioned in the article. As in the article I can see kids trying to be like the pros constantly calling fouls or being ball hogs and trying to put the team on their back. Its nice to see that the Spurs are doing so well with putting the team first. A lot of Top American volleyball athletes after college try to go play over seas since their is no Professional Indoor leagues in the US. Some people make it some don’t. Some may not make it just because of their attitudes and not meshing with the team. Ive read numerous articles of American star volleyball players who go over seas and expect the same treatment and don’t receive it so they get released or quit. I think it can come down to how you were raised as a child. I hope when I have children that I can raise them with manners and respect. I hope one day that they will love sports as much as I do and succeed in them.


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